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does adwords really work for small business in a competitive industry

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Does adwords really work for small business in a highly competitive industry suck as auto glass. Or are my dollars better spent with seo. Have issues with both. Alot of smoke and mirrors. I only care about roi and calls. Clicks don't mean a thing. 

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Re: does adwords really work for small business in a competitive indus

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Good afternoon.


The simple answer is, yes.  The program can work well for smaller businesses, even in highly competitive industries. 


The key, as with any undertaking, is having clear goals in mind, and understanding the program and the competitive landscape.


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Re: does adwords really work for small business in a competitive indus

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Do you have a competitive advantage or Unique Selling Proposition that is better then your competition in your Geo targeted Area?

If yes, then conveying that message, and making good on the promise, then Adwords would be a good proposition for you ( if you know how to manage and set up an account).

Do you have a profession looking website, that answers every question a potential customer may have? Is the site mobile friendly, Does the site load fast? Do you have a current low bounce rate on traffic to your website?

Your Website as well as your message Matters.

If honestly there is nothing out of the ordinary for you business. or Company B does it cheaper, faster, better. Then Adword may not your best bet, because people do compare and if you lose every sale to competition based upon your business model, then advertising will not increase your ROI.

SEO takes time. Adwords you know in Days if your message resonates and drive customers.

With both SEO and Adwords, it comes down to you or who is managing the account and website to make sure the message and user experience is the best, competitive, and has a true unquie selling proposition.

Adwords is just platform, SEO is just getting higher rankings. ROI and calls are based upon what you have to offer, and Knowing how to get that message across effectively, cheaply.

Most successful business people do a combination of SEO and Adwords, with adword helping provide what are the best keywords for SEO and understanding the conversion events based on user intent traffic.

Re: does adwords really work for small business in a competitive indus

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Hi Steve Clark,


You can bring the horse to water but you cannot force it to drink. i.e. In Adwords, you can bring the customer to the website but you can't force them to buy. Adwords is good for immediate results. SEO is good as well but it takes time to get the results.


Which is better – Adwords (or) SEO?

SEO offers companies a longer term keyword strategy that "should" see them ranking for keywords that bring them more business, however there are three issues with solely relying on SEO:


No.1. How do you know that the keywords you are chasing for a top 3 listing on Google will actually convert into any business at all? We make assumptions based on keyword research, asking customers and clients, but ultimately you never know until clicks start coming through from these keywords - so you could spend months chasing several keywords and once you achieve a first page success they bring traffic but no conversions to the business.


No.2. Google had changed their algorithm this year a frightening number of times, and I think they realise that although people "trust" the search results on Google, being top for your keywords DOESN'T mean you are actually the best company for that product or service (it simply means you have a great web team who have helped to get you ranked highly in Google). I think this explains the reason why Google are now integrating more signals from the social side (including G+ etc.) - this means that if your company is RELIANT on SEO as the "only" lead generation tool, then a drop down the rankings can spell disaster to the company (and sometimes drops occur through no fault of the SEO person / company). And if Google decides in the future that your site is no longer relevant then you are "stuffed" (to put it politely). (I appreciate that PPC ALSO doesn't mean you are the "best" for this product - but at least you are paying for the attention of the searcher).


No.3. SEO can only (realistically) target a certain number of keywords - unless you have hundreds of pages to your website - this becomes much more restrictive than PPC.


With these above points, I think that PPC should ALWAYS be used before an SEO strategy is implemented. Test your keywords, find out which ones convert into sales, leads etc and then add these to your SEO strategy - otherwise you risk doing what I mention on point 1 - chasing dead keywords.


I also think that PPC gives you more opportunities to communicate with different audiences (e.g. Display Network, Mobile Adverts, Image Adverts) as well as adding potential clients to a remarketing campaign to improve conversions.


PPC also means that a client might be able to compete for keywords that through SEO would be almost impossible to achieve (or at least take a great amount of patience and expense). It also means you can be getting customers to your website from day 1 as opposed to weeks / months it could take for SEO listings to improve.


Finally PPC gives you the opportunity to target thousands of keywords in comparison to SEO.


So in conclusion, is one better than the other? For me no, they should be working together, with PPC driving SEO. I think businesses make a big mistake if they do PPC as a standalone (and then miss the SEO opportunities this is presenting) or SEO as a standalone and "hope" conversions take place after waiting months to get onto the first page of Google.




Re: does adwords really work for small business in a competitive indus

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Adwords will work best for startups as well as brands, provided you are bringing in right set audience to your website with the right set of ad campaigns that suites your business. To track the ROI out of you may to have conversion tracking and google analytics with all the KPIs for ROI & Engagement. Then you can even optimize the keywords / Ad Copies / landing page based on the reports.