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hey my dynamic keyword insertion is not working. e.g 


i am writing {KeyWord:Accreditation}, now if i am searching on google accreditation council the result is still showing my ad title Accreditation. its not showing Accreditation Council. 



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September 2015

Re: dki

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Hi Robert, there's a couple of common reasons why DKI might not be showing the result you expect:


  1. DKI shows the keyword not the search term, so if your keyword was "red shoes" and you searched for "red shoes online", the Ad would show Red Shoes, not Red Shoes Online.

  2. DKI is still subject to character limits for each line.  "Accreditation Council" is in itself 21 characters so if you've any other text on the line where DKI is used, it may be that inserting the keyword would exceed the character limit for that line.

There are many other reasons listed here:  http://goo.gl/OvxCks which may or may not apply in your situation.



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Re: dki

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Jon, for your first point the Search term is "red shoes online" if DKI is used in Headline on keyword "Red shoes" then i think the Ad should show "Red Shoes Online" as it falls under 25 character.

If i am not wrong is this how it is! Am i missing something..?

Azeem Shaikh
Azeem Shaikh
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Re: dki

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As Jon pointed out, the DKI shows the keyword that triggers the ad, not the search query which matched the keyword.  (The latter is a common mistake)

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