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display network report performence

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how to check in display network that in which placement site or adsence site my ad have tio displayed.?

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Re: display network report performence

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Hi there,


You can use look at the Placement report to understand where your ads have been serving. More info here.


Feel free to write back!

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: display network report performence

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See which websites, videos, and apps have displayed your ads from your Placements tab


1 - Sign in to your AdWords account at


2 - Click the Campaigns tab and select your campaign

3 - Click the Display Network tab.

4 - Click the Placements tab.


Evaluate the performance of the manual or automatic placement.

Re: display network report performence

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Hi Abhishek,

When you evaluate placements on the Display Network, it's a good idea to look into as much detail as possible.

To see placements, you can:

1) click on the specific Display campaign
2) click on the Display Network tab at the top right of the screen
3) to the right of the red button that says "+Targeting" you will see a list of options, click on "Placements"
4) You will now see the domain names of the placements. However, these will likely be top-level domains. If you want to see the specific web page where the ads showed up, click on the "See Details" menu, and then click "All". This will give you not just the top level domain of the website, but the actual web page (like a specific blog post) where the ads showed up.

Further, to help you analyze this data better, you may also want to view the same campaign in Analytics and see which websites created better quality traffic. For example, you might want to see which placement URLs gave you the lowest bounce rates, highest number of pages per visit, and longest time spent on your website - as these metrics would suggest the visitor is interested in your subject matter.

Also, make sure to have your conversion tracking enabled, so that you know which placements generate leads for you.

Hope this helps.