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ctr in display campaigns

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Anyone knows exactly what a good ctr is for display campaigns? Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: ctr in display campaigns

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 Hey Prueba, how are things?


It's very hard to give this information to you exactly, since CTR% will rely on a LOT of factors like: Brand awareness, banner composition (elements, color, call-to-action, offers, etc), your bid, types of segmentation used and so much more.


One very interesting thing that you can use and I don't see lots of advertisers using it, is the metric called "Relative CTR". Relative CTR measures how your ads perform on Display Network sites compared to other ads on the same sites.


You can check the Relative CTR by adding it as a Columun inside your Adwords:


  • Select you "Campaign" tab
  • Find and select the button "Columns" and then "Modify Columns", new options will appear right below
  • Select "Competitive Metrics" and then hit the double arrow for "Relative CTR"
  • Apply everything
  • Be happy \o/

I've tried to find the official Article for Relative CTR from the help center, but it seems it was changed or might me missing, so here is some information I could find inside Adwords:


Relative CTR measures how your ads perform on Display Network sites compared to other ads on the same sites.

What it is: Relative CTR is your clickthrough rate divided by the average clickthrough rate of all advertisers on the websites that show your ads.

Example: A Relative CTR of 1x means that your CTR equals the average CTR of all advertisers in the same section of a website.

Why use it: Relative CTR can help you understand campaign and ad group performance, particularly if you have little or no conversion information.


and the official blog post from 2011:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: ctr in display campaigns

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Hi prueb a n,

It's going to be different for everyone. A good CTR is one when combined with the conversion rate produces a profit for the advertiser.

Ok, a little more serious answer, as a rule of thumb I usually estimate CTR of a display campaign at 1/10 of a search campaign. Leandro has given you some good tips on measuring your success.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords