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cost-per-click in numbers?

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Dear Google, 

please can you tell us the cost-per-click in numbers? For transparency you should provide this information which seems not available on the internet. Thanks

Re: cost-per-click in numbers?

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Hi Cristiano,


You are right about the CPC amounts not being available on the internet, and there is one single and most important reason for this: there are no predetermined CPC's for Google AdWords clicks. 


Everything depends upon the quality of your ads, keywords, landing pages, etc. You can set maximum CPC's at your own desire, and every time someone types in a query with the keywords you use, you enter an auction. Depending on the quality of your advertising, the number of competitors for the same keywords and a great deal of other factors, the positions of your ads and the prices you pay for clicks are determined. The more you work with your Google AdWords account, the more you tune your campaigns, the better results you get and the less you pay for them. This is called optimization and this is how AdWords auction works (speaking very, very briefly). 


You can find more information about AdWords auction and controlling the costs here. Hope it helps!