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conversion tracking - tracking status

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I've just noticed that under tools and tracking, conversions tab the tracking status for the campaign says Unverified


how do you verify it?


I put the code on the checkout_success.tpl.php file of our CRE loaded some 3 days ago


so now I know why doesn't show any conversions


BUT also I already had a goal set up in Anylitics which shows that at least 2 of the sales came from the campaign so in conversions it said there are conversions ready to be imported from analytics so i imported but it says none


anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong


I shall pause the campaing until i know what is going on as also google help said to use broad keywords as it used them to the get an idea for what sites to put the ads on but the other types phrase and exact don't mean anything on the display network.


Now I read here that that isn't true anymore since a month or so. really if google makes a change they need to update there very poor help, not good, at not good at all.




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Re: conversion tracking - tracking status

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Please take a look at this page on 'Checking your code in conversion tracking'.  There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to verify your code has been successfully installed.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: conversion tracking - tracking status

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Hi tom thanks for that


But I had already verified that my code appeared in the source code when I installed it. using the browser view source and it appeared in the source ok.


but i have just installed chrome to look at it in the developer and i did a test purchaes on the site with the developer tab open and it captured three google calls



the first i think is the analytics code and the next 2 are the adwords civersion calls I think as they contain my customer number abd references etc


so all seems perfectly ok


but in the adwords account under tools/conversions and under tracking status for this tacking target webpage it still says unverified


note I paused the campaign before this last test as it shows some 600 odd clicks with no sales. yet in analytics looking at the sales funnel of my created goal it seems like at least 2 of the sales where from the campaign.


Also in the adwords account underneath this tracking entry where i imported analtics conversions it says no recent conversions


Just doesn't make sense 


I cannot run a campaign and just give google money without being certain if it working and without the tracking working I cannot optimise it either


Not that I would really know what I was doing with that Smiley Happy


thanks for any help



Re: conversion tracking - tracking status

Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Ecommerce_Spain,

It looks that there is an issue with the code. I'm escalating your issue to the AdWords support team to help you out.


Re: conversion tracking - tracking status

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Hey Zee


Thanks for that


I've just checked again and still under tools it says for the adwords tracking unverified


here is a Jpeg of the admin panel (no personal data) so you can see what i mean


adwords tracking


Don't see how it can be the code as I copy pasted it directly from the admin panel and as I said it shows up in the source code when you check on view. when I do a test sale

and in the chrome dev it shows the 3 google properties as correct


How long will it be before "support" gets back to me


as when I first started to try to use adwords there was a couple of things that were not clear and i sent 2 emails to them NOT a single reply.


thanks Ian