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confusion about display ads / Google Web Designer / Animated Ads / Responsive Ads

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I would like to create an image ad that shows our product and our slogan and fits to our key visual. I would like to rotate the product to show some variation of the product. And I would like that the ad is shown on websites with specific keyword(s).


Now I know what I want, but I do not know what I need.

The image could be an animated gif. But of course that is not possible:
- Animated gifs are not allowed

- Animated gifs have a fixed size


Now we started with AdWords a few weeks ago and get some help from the google starter agency, but their information confused me even more.

I asked them if Google Web Designer is the tool I need to create them, They told me this tool is to create animated, non responsive ads, what I need is Lightbox Ads. But arnt Lightbox Ads also created in Google Web Designer? And arnt Lightbox Ads just ads that gets bigger on hover?


So.. what do I need? I guess the Tool Google Web Designer is right? Creating the Ad responsive would be nice, so the ad can be shown on more different pages and I do not have to create an ad for every possible size? On the other hand once an ad created it wont be too difficult to adjust it to different sizes, if the there are not too much different sizes.

I found as example this:

basicly I have retangles, skyscraper and leaderbords.


However this google-starter-agency told me there are so much different sizes that it is not worth it.

On the other hand I find other ads, that are designed for a specific format, for example:


So.. the big question is, what do I need to get what I want? a slightly animated ad that is shown on keyword relevant pages?


Thanks in advance!

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confusion about display ads / Google Web Designer / Animated Ads / Responsive Ads

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Based on my experience with GDN (google display network) the most popular type of ad is a simple text ad which can be displayed on various websites, so you need to take advantage from these type of ads as well. 


You don't need to create separate text ads - just take advantage from


After Google has introduced this format, I am just using this format to cover most of the banner ad sizes. 


But sometimes if we want to test some other type of ads to increase CTR or for branding, we create HTML5 banner ads using Google Web Designer or other tools. But based on our data Responsive ads give very good results. So you can just use responsive ads creating several options for a test - it's really fast and effective way to start with GDN.    

Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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