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click fraud and ridiculous compensation from Google

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Hello to all adwords specialists.

May I tell you about my problem :

Context :

I own a local construction company (fireplace) that takes contract 50km around my address, no more. (for instance let's say NYC)

I set up for 2 years my adwords ad to the goegraphic target NYC and around 50km.

I recently had a problem that made me focus on my campaign results more deeply, and, surprise, it appears that I have some clics (hits) generated from outside my geographical zone. I then looked back on 2 years and realised that more than 12% of my hits are from outside.

I informed Google guys that told me that it's normal, as people from (for instance) LA can see my ad if they search for "fireplace NYC". Ok fair enough, but when I cross datas between geographical target and key words, it remains 10% outside my geo zone without reference to my geo zone.


The guy told me that sometimes Google cannot clearly identify the geo zone, then I answered him "in that case, how can Google say it's inside MY target ?" - no answer


And even if, I clearly have statistics from Google that shows PPC hits from LA, or Toronto....


After 1 week of discussion, they agreed to reimburse me 10 USD, but I lost 400 USD in 2 years (I don't speak about What I lost in terms of business...).

By reimbursing me, they clearly say "we did some mistakes". I then told them to reimburse my 400 USD and they told me to fill a claim form. What I did today.


Did you have similar experience ?




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Re: click fraud and ridiculous compensation from Google

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Hi Stef,


I'm sorry to hear of your troubles.  I hate to say this but AdWords is not an advertising platform that you can set up and forget, checking in every 2 years or so.  Things change often and accounts need to be managed accordingly.


Now, the reality is that what you intended vs what your account settings reflect may not have matched properly and therefore you received clicks outside of your target area.


Here is a very similar experience:


I'm not sure what you're looking for here from us but I'm sure someone would be glad to help if you have specific questions.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: click fraud and ridiculous compensation from Google

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Hello Stef,


There are several explainations why you may have received clicks from outside your targeted area. See also for more information.


Regarding a possible solution, did you try to exclude certain areas? Keep in mind that setting your AdWords two years ago and not keeping it up to date (checking at least every few days) is a dangerous game and you need to keep on top of it to make sure your ROI is attractive enough. I would really recommend keep checking your ad performance regularly to make sure you are getting the traffic you can convert into customers.


For more information about what Google does about click fraud and how you can better interpret your ad traffic, please visit


Hope this helps,