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change bid settings on locations

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New to google adwords - trying to change bid settings based on specific locations - not the whole country but by states.  I get into settings under the campaign and see where I can change for devices but not for locations.  How do I change for individual states?





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Re: change bid settings on locations

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Hello Brenda M ( or Jen from the signature ) ! Welcome to the community !


Read the instructions here for the location bidding, you also have a sample




Re: change bid settings on locations

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Hi there;

Here is a good article on the topic:


Enhanced Campaign Location Bid Adjustments

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Re: change bid settings on locations

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Hi Jen, there's a couple of ways you can do this, and neither is terribly intuitive...


If you've got one or more Campaigns targeting the whole US and you just want to pull a few states out for special treatment, I'd add these states to your location target for those Campaigns, so you might end up with:


United States

New Mexico, United States

California, United States

Texas, United States


or similiar.  Once you've added these states you save these choices then back on the Locations tab under Settings, you'll see all the locations listed and a column for "Bid adj.".  Just click in the column next to a state and enter a positive or negative percentage adjustment.


If you want to make adjustments to a lot of states, you might find it easier or more logical to create several identical Campaigns (the easiest way to do this is via the offline AdWords Editor program because you can copy/paste a whole Campaign) then set individual location settings for each one.  You might, for example, want to have a Campaign for each major timezone, adding the relevant states for each one.



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