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can i run muliple campaign with same keywords ?

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I am Trying To Run Three campaign For My Three Projects.


* Three Campaign has similar keywords + same location targeting + search network.


* Different landing pages for three projetcs


I need to run three projects campaign , without competiting between three project due to same Keyword.




Shall I run Single Campaign For My Three projects by seperating each project by seperate Ad Groups.


Pls help me with some tips


Re: can i run muliple campaign with same keywords ?

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The message is a little confusing for me since in the title there is the problem of "same keywords" and in the description you are mentioning " similar keywords" , these 2 are not the same thing.


Your keyword can trigger only 1 Ad in the search results, even if you asign 3 landing pages to 3 Ads.


Anywhere you put the same keyword, in 2 ad groups or 2 campaign, it will be a duplicate keyword and depending on your bid ( and the resulting ad rank) one keyword could accumulate most of the impressions or the 2 same keywords could share the impressions .


But what you will not obtain is having 2 or 3 Ads at the same time on the Search page because you have the same keyword in 3 campaigns or 3 ad groups.

Re: can i run muliple campaign with same keywords ?

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Hi Digital,

It is always a good idea to run individual campaigns with specific ad copies for specific landing pages and keywords. Yes, you can run a single campaign with three different ad groups, however, I suggest to have different ad copies, keywords and landing pages. If not the landing page, at least you should try to have other two things different within the campaign. I myself follow this rule with a single campaign and two ad groups within it. This makes sure that every click is specific to my ad copy and keyword. For me, AdWords is all about creating relevant and precise experience for the users. Hence, it is always good to avoid content repetition in any form to get quality traffic.

I hope this helps.
Kapil M