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can a small player also sell if there are very big ones

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is it possible for a small company to sell online when you have company that are selling over 200 million on online sales and they control the seo keywords is it worth it to invest time and money to try to make a sale or it  is waste of time ?

Re: can a small player also sell if there are very big ones

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Hi David,
That is a question that advertisers frequently ask, and I think the answer is yes, but smaller advertisers must be more efficient and deliberate in how they invest advertising dollars. Some of the benefits of AdWords is that you only pay when your Ads are clicked on, you can set your budget to whatever budgets work for you, and through Quality Score optimization, advertisers who set lower Maximum CPCs, have the ability to appear in higher AdWords Ad Positions. All that being said, advertisers with smaller budgets should make sure to do frequent testing of Ad Copy, Landing Pages, Keywords, and Bids to ensure that they're being driving profitable clicks and making efficient use of their AdWords budgets. I've pasted some links below that hopefully can help you.
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