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 Hello ive done my add and the key words my status is eligble but the advertisere is not ther on goole when searching just says this is you add. And the keywords are not guideing me to my site on google or bing. I cant see a button that say make it live or anything whats going on???


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Goodmorning & Welcome to our community,


Just to set your expectations, your advertisement will not show on BING< because it is another search engine who offers their own advertising>. 


If your ads is a text ads targeting the search network, here are the steps to preview your ads on Google:


1. Sign in to your AdWords account.

2.Click on Tools & Analysis Tab (green tab on top) (beside Billing Tab)

3.Select Ad Preview & Diagnosis on the drop down

4.Enter one of your keywords on the box

5.Select the right domain

6.Select the right language,location & devices

7.Click on preview

8.Check if your ads is showing or not & let us know




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Welcome To Adwords Community!


Firstly, With Google Adwords advertising Program, your ads will appear on Google Search Engine, Google Partner Sites and websites, blog etc. Via Adwords you can run ads on Two network: Search Network & Display Network. 


With Search Network, your ad appears on Google Search Engine & Google Partner Sites. Read More here.

With Display Network, your ads appears on thousands of websites, blogs etc. Read More here.


Now to start running Ads on Google Adwords Check links below,


Getting started with three basic steps

Create your first Ad campaign


Tip: Create seperate campaign for Search Network & Display Network. Don't forget to SELECT Network under settings tab.


After creating a Account - Adding Adgroups, Keywords & Adcopy. Your Account with go for approval process & you see your adcopy status as under review. Once your adcopy "approved" you will be able to see your ad appear on google search engine or google partner sites / Display network depending on your choice of network.


If you are running ads on search network, it is higly not recommended to check ads on To check Ads on Google search engine, Adwords system has Tool i.e. Ad Preivew Tool which is explained by Loraine above. Use ad preview tool to check your ads always.


Lastly, MSN Adcenter Advertising platform is another platform that shows ad on MSN/BING search engine. It has nothing to do with Google Adwords.


Hope it helps! Feel free to ask more questions if your have.




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