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block PPC landing page from organic search

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  I want to keep my PPC landing pages out the organic index but let Adsbot-Google find the page. Will this meta tag work?


<meta content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW" name="ROBOTS">

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Hello ChristohperSky,   Your question is more specific to...

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Hello ChristohperSky,


Your question is more specific to Google organic search, so I'll suggest you to post all these kind of questions at Google webmaster help forum. The meta robots tag you mentioned is right, it will not show your page in organic search result. I think both bots are different and they index at crawl the page as per their algorithm. So noindex robots tag block the page only in organic search results.

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Hi ChristopherSky,


I generally use robots.txt files to set up my indexing rules.


You can block PPC pages from all indexing while allowing indexing of the rest of your site:


User-agent: *
Disallow: /ppcpages/



And then make an exception for adsbot-google for the same pages/directory


User-agent: Adsbot-Google
Allow: /ppcpages/


You have to make sure you grant access to Adsbot-Google or your ads will not run.


Webmaster Tools is a great place to work on/create a robots.txt file.


I know this doesn't address your question directly but it is an alternative that you can employ to achieve the same result.


Here is more information about using meta tags how you have outlined.


Hope this helps!



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Thanks Dinesh! It might be interest to the PPC community...

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Thanks Dinesh! It might be of interest to the PPC community because often PPC landing pages use A LOT of content from existing organic pages already in the index, and if the landing page also winds up in the index, you have a duplicate content issue.