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big problem with google ads account

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i am a sofa seller

i start my ads into google some days ago

i use best keywords for my ads and my website is very very optimized for those keywords without a doubt

but when i want show a small word into google... google do not showing those ads with  0.02 bids * is not working ...those ads most time do not working !! and all errors will be only for bids price !

more then 1000 visitors must watching my ads until i get a chance to sell 1 sofa and that is normal for every job

but it seems google dont thinking like that !

my ads in every  days is very very down of pages and most times even you can not find it !

but when i put 100.00$ bids !!!!!! over my ads !! my ads will be top of the page !!!

i want to some body tell me !!! what the [censored] is this ? if i spend 100$ or 1000$ for a keyword ? and if 1000 people watching my ads i must spend 100.000.00$ or alot milions $ !$ for a keywords and maybe at those day i get change for sell 1 sofa with that price 350$  !!!!!!!!!

i have a question

this problem is just for me ?

why when i put 100$ bids those ads is at top of the page ! and when i put 0.02 is very very down of page and even is hiden ! 

if all this system is like that tell me i will send my problems to news websites ...

some body can help me to fix this from inside my account ?

i can not pay more then 0.02 bids for any keywords .. no body cant... because alot people must watching a website until one of them buy somthing... and i cant pay100$ for just a key words for just 1 visitor no one cant... 



big problem with google ads account

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# 2
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Pars, sorry you are feeling frustration with the cost of clicks on AdWords. 


Click prices are determined by competitive forces. The minimum bid is $0.01, but really you need to bid high enough to get onto the first page of Google. 


Add this Column to your "Keywords" page: "Est First page bid".  Be sure to bid at least that high. 


It is also possible that you are bidding on the wrong keywords.  For example if you bid on "sofa", then you would likely be competing with sellers of NEW sofas.  You can use the Google keyword planner tool to explore potential keywords, and estimated bids. 


Many small, local advertisers benefit from using Google AdWords.  But it doesn't necessarily work for everyone, or everything. Some patience will be required as there is a learning curve.  But this community is hear to help, especially when there are clearly stated questions.


hth! And best of luck with your advertising. 


big problem with google ads account

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thank u dear Steve B for your advise

can you tell me where i must put this things ?

((Add this Column to your "Keywords" page: "Est First page bid" ))

i sent a photo about it for u

see it and tell me please


big problem with google ads account

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# 4
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The column I recommended adding is listed under "attributes".  You may have to scroll down the list to see it.