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bid support for enhanced campaigns

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to Google Adwords and Enhanced campaign. I have several questions,

- Is there any support in Bid suggestion specific to Enhanced campaigns?  
  For example, if I'm running an Enhanced campaign, will adWord suggest me how to set mobile bid boost or geo/day time bid adjustment based on my current campaign's performance? Or i have to figure it out by myself?

- If i set bid adjustment in Enhanced campaign, will the bid estimation attribute data consider in that?

- Will auto bidding also leverage the Enhanced campaign setting flexibility automatically?

- In the reporting, will per device data be shown?
- On the API side, is all the settings for bid adjustment available through API as well?
Thanks, Tracy
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Re: bid support for enhanced campaigns

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Hello Tracy and welcome,


If you are moving from Legacy from Enhanced campaigns, Adwords is going to automatically show you the bidding options for mobile devices separately and based on those statistics, you can decide to bid lower or higher on mobile devices with ECs.


There is something called Bid Adjustment Calculator which you can use to get the different bidding settings in terms of geographical region, devices etc....


Read more in this article:


Automatic Bidding option is available under ECs...


You will get the reporting segments as it is which you were getting for Legacy campaigns i.e. in terms of Computers, mobiles and Tablets.


I would also suggest you reading this PDF for Upgrading to ECs:


I am not sure about APIs at this time and you might consider posting this over Adwords API forum to get the updated knowledge:!forum/adwords-api


Hope that helps!


Re: bid support for enhanced campaigns

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Thanks Pankaj for your quick reply.


For the bid suggestion you mentioned is that just assuming mobile only option? But EC will for sure include PC and tablet, so will i get an overall bid suggestion including PC and tablet? Also for the geo or day time, will there be bid suggestions or I need to work it out by myself?


In the campaign UI, there are attribute columns for different position bid suggestions, so that will expand into PC/tablet and mobile or only a single number for PC/tablet, and based on the mobile rule, mobile number can be derived from there?



Re: bid support for enhanced campaigns

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i want move from Enhanced campaigns to Legacy  campaigns.


In end of the feb i was setup enhance campaign then i was not getting leads. before set up enhance i was getting 4 to 5 leads per day.


So i want move from Enhanced campaigns to Legacy  campaigns.