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best designing practice for adwords H5 banners?

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hi, as i am only designer that handle design part, i dont do uploading part, but the tracking code is my responsibility to add in


i really encountered few problems

  • is swiffy converted file supported? i sent to person in charge and he said it is not supported (as in an individual html file)
  • how to improve image and text blurry issue after converted by swiff? i max the img max 100%, no smoothing, flash publish setting also 100%, everything 100, the img still looks blurry
  • if i use google web designer to build, i couldnt use client's corporate font, but they want to use their own font, convert them into svg or img will increase the file size right? or anything i can do to reduce the file size?


it is really a big headache now to make gdb html5 banner

do you guys have any good articles that i can read and know more about gdn html5 banner best practise for designing part only?

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Re: best designing practice for adwords H5 banners?

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Community Manager

Hi Avery, 


We recently created a playlist around the new HTML5 Ads. Have a look here.

Does this help?




Re: best designing practice for adwords H5 banners?

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hi Kathleen,

thanks, i am watching, but i have some problems that are i dont have the adwords login as this is company's management issue, i just need to do the flash animation and insert related tracking codes and pass to people who is in charge to upload

the problem is also i couldnt use google web designer, because client insists to use their corporate font, then, if i use flash cs6 to build the flash animation and pass them the swf for uploading, the guy said that system indicated it is failed and couldnt upload without giving any reason why (despite my flash player version is version 9)

then if i convert that swf by swiffy and pass them the individual *.html file, they said it couldnt be uploaded, so i really dont know what is the best solution for my case or for adwords banners

is swiffy converted html really not supported by adwords? but swiffy is belong to google...
what may go wrong if a standard swf couldnt be uploaded (and convert by google adword's system but sometimes it can)

8Re: best designing practice for adwords H5 banners?

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Screenshot 2015-10-05 11.35.52.png




another issue is this, left is converted by swiffy, nothing wrong, but adwords system couldnt upload single html file


right is swf converted into html5 in adwords system, logo looks jagger and distorted


what should i do? what gone wrong actually?