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I am new to Google Adwords, my ads has been running for 2 months. The 1st month I just wasted my monies into the drain as my setup was included Display Network.

Now I think I have set it up correctly, but I still hardly sell anything.

My daily budget $30 per day, my data for the last 30 days:

Clicks 277

Impression 14,880

CTR 1.86%

Average CPC $3.74

Conversion rate 3.61%

Unfortunately I can't understand what that numbers above would tell me.

Please help me, what's wrong with my ads or set-up.

Desperately need help. In88rid

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It's tough to say with this amount of data. Conversion rate of 3.61% doesn't sound very good. If it doesn't sound good to you either, you are attracting the wrong prospects with the combination of keywords and ad copy. Adjust one or the other--write new ad copy trying to target your best prospects. Be sure to include a "call to action", a value proposition. Don't go after just clicks, you need conversions to make any money.

What's the bounce rate? Pages per visit? Maybe the landing page isn't appropriate. Are you sending visitors to your home page, or a page specifically for the product, or a page you created to go with the campaign?

CTR 1.86% could be good and it could be bad. Depends on your market. Average CPC $3.74, could be high and could be low, again depends on your market.

QS of your keywords is important in making any analysis. Generally, QS of 7/10 and better is good, and anything below that is not good.

That's all have for you right now.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: adwords

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Thanks for your reply, Pete.
My bounce rate 61.35%
QS most of keywords 7/10 some of them below that
Pages/visit 2.78

"you need conversions to make any money" Could you please explain more abour conversions here?
Honestly I have read all articles, and get me more confused.

Re: adwords

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Hi, a "conversion" in AdWords terms is a completed goal of some kind.  For an ecommerce site this is usually a completed online sale but it could also be a lead like a completed "contact us" form or simply the visitor landing upon a specific important page.


If you're seeing a Conversion Rate, at some point you must have installed the AdWords conversion code somewhere or imported a Goal from Analytics, do you know what your "conversions" are?


There's really no way to know what a "good" Conversion Rate is.  I have Accounts with an average rate below 1% yet they still make a good net profit; I have others where the average is over 15% but their profit is far lower.  As Pete has said, if you're not seeing the sort of results you want, with a good number of visitors, it's quite likely that either they're the wrong sort of visitors or your site isn't ideal in some way.



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