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adwords_redirect - is this a necessary field for Product Listing Ads?

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When setting up the feed, I filled out the adwords_redirect field with a different tracking URL in order to distinguish between paid searches and organic. However, I noticed that Google is ignoring that value, and using the standard AdWords auto-tagging that is used throughout AdWords.

Example: My campaign name in AdWords is "Product Listing Ads" and the adwords_redirect field has it set to utm_campaign=PLA. Analytics shows the campaign source as "Product Listing Ads", not PLA.

Does this field do anything at all?

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Re: adwords_redirect - is this a necessary field for Product Listing Ads?

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Hi Razorclicks,

Great question! To start out, adwords_redirect is not a necessary parameter, but it can be useful. What it will NOT achieve, however, is resetting Analytics values such as medium or campaign. This is one reason that you can expect to see traffic reporting under the campaign Product Listing Ads in Analytics and not under one called PLA, if there is no such campaign in AdWords. Instead, what the adwords_redirect parameter CAN do is to distinguish URLs so you can sort by Content in Analytics.
Furthermore, using a 'utm' tag is tantamount to using manual and automatic tagging together, which causes wonkiness. Instead of a 'utm' tag, use a custom parameter that looks more like this: origin=product-ads. For more information, please refer to this article. If you need an Analytics expert to take a deeper dive into your particular setup, please also feel free to contact our Analytics experts by phone or chat by clicking on the 'Contact AdWords' button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
Thanks for writing in, and best of luck with your Product Listing Ads campaign!
Kind regards,
The Google AdWords Team