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adwords_labels and adwords_grouping in PLAs

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we recently added adwords_labels & adwords_grouping in our PLA feeds. When I pulled the xml into Excel to view the table it looks like this for the same product id:


Does this look right? Or should there be an image URL for each of the rows? How come there's no adwords_labels on the last row?


Also, when I tried to filter my products in my ad group (ex. adwords_labels=green) and hit "validate", it gives me the error "This target does not match any products in your Google Merchant Center feed."




Re: adwords_labels and adwords_grouping in PLAs

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi there,

The last row doesn't appear to have an adwords_label attribute in it. It's an optional attribute so you don't have to necessarily add it.

You will want an image URL for each item, but the attribute you're showing in the screenshot looks to be an optional one. There should definitely be a column in your feed for image URLs because that's how we know what photo to show with your item.

In terms of validating, I usually say give it some time (maybe 12-24 hours) when you upload a new feed before you try to validate any attributes in AdWords. If it's been longer than that, make sure the way you're inputting the attribute matches EXACTLY how you have it in the feed.

Hope that helps!