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adding new items to spreadsheet

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hi all,

for an existing data feed spreadsheet that is linked to adwords and delivering online....  when i have new items can i add them to the existing spreadsheet or do i have to create a brand new data feed?  if i can just ad to an existing data feed.... does the new item automatically populate to adwords and thus automatically populate online shopping... or do i have to do something additional in adwords?



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Re: adding new items to spreadsheet

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for a feed within the merchant-center-account
for product-listing-ads (shopping-campaigns) --
(1) yes; use the same spreadsheet;
(2) depends on the submitted attributes and the configured product-group.

use the same spreadsheet; do not register a new feed.

use the same spreadsheet (feed) for all updates --
changes, deletions, or additions; any missing item
from the spreadsheet (feed) is considered a delete.

items are tracked by id; a unique id per item is required --
never change the id of an item once assigned unless
explicitly indicated to do so by a person at google.

generally, do not register a new feed and do not delete the registered
data-feed -- unless explicitly indicated to do so by a person at google.

for product-listing-ads (shopping-campaign) if the feed
is registered as a google-spreadsheet then, the sheet
may be re-uploaded using the fetch-now button or via
a scheduled-fetch -- by configuring a schedule for the
feed within the merchant-center-account.

if the file is registered as a .txt tab-delimited data-feed

and the spreadsheet (file) is external (such as excel)
then, the .txt file may be re-uploaded by hand using a
download-feed button, via a scheduled-fetch, or ftp --
after the .txt file has been placed on an external site
that is accessible to google.

generally, the feed must be re-uploaded at least monthly
or after any updates (changes, deletions, additions) to the
physical inventory or website occur.

all re-uploaded feed data within the merchant-center-account
with a searchable status is made available to the linked account.

the feed re-upload simply makes the data available to the linked account --
to shopping-campaigns; however, added items must match a product-group
within a shopping-campaign to be assigned a bid.

the status within the merchant-center and the details of
a product-group definition within a shopping-campaign
determine if an item is (automatically) assigned a bid.

items never automatically populate google-shopping directly -- if (new)
items match a product-group then items can automatically be assigned
a bid and can participate in the product-listing-ad auctions.

items with enough bid and quality to win
an auction are seen on google-shopping.

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