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ad showing

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I add lots of keywords, like google chrome, google +chome, +google +chrome... kind of like this. It shows that google +chrome will not be shown on the ad. Should I pause all of them but leave one?

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Re: ad showing

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Hi Ellen,

There could be a number of reasons why the ads are not running. Have you tried using the keyword diagnosis tool to see why the ads are not showing? For example, it could be low search volume based on your campaign settings, you bid may be too low, or maybe your ads are not approved yet?

Also, not sure if you used "google chrome", but if that's the actual keyword you're using, then I'm thinking it could be a trademark violation?

Re: ad showing

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Hi Ellen Z,

When Google tells you your ad will not be show for google +chrome, that's based on the exact match. Your keywords are roughly equivalent, but the one that will show for the query is the one with the highest ad rank (QS * Max CPC bid + other factors) will show instead.

If your product is google chrome or for google chrome, the less restrictive keywords could cause a lot of unrelated search query impressions and clicks. For that reason alone, I would suggest you keep +google +chrome and pause or delete the others.

If this is just an example, apply the same logic to your selection of keywords and your bids. Always watch search terms closely for broad match keywords.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords