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ad revenue via direct hyperlink traffic

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First please understand that I have minimal understanding of how Internet advertising works and I wanted some direction before tried to figure it out. So, thank you in advance. My girlfriend provides interior design packages with image storyboards and accompanying purchase information. I wanted to know if it is possible to generate ad revenue via hyperlinks attached to the storyboard images. You would think that if we are driving traffic directly to the product for purchase we should be able to monetize it.
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Re: ad revenue via direct hyperlink traffic

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Hi Dan, welcome to the Community.


I'll admit I'm a little uncertainly what your question is about.  Google AdWords (for which this is the support forum) is a product that allows you to show Ads for your business based upon Keywords or placements on websites.  For example, if you used the Keyword "interior design", when someone searches for "interior design" on Google Search, your Ad may appear directing clicks to your girlfriend's website.  For Search, you'd be charged an amount for each click you receive.


Google AdSense is a product that allows you to place Ads on your website which, when clicked by visitors, pay you a small sum.


The two products are different sides of the same coin since the Ads shown via AdSense are actually AdWords Ads placed by AdWords users, but the intent behind the two is different.  If you want to monetise your website, you're looking to use AdSense, if you want to advertise your business you want to use AdWords.


Does this help?  Can you clarify your question a little?



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Re: ad revenue via direct hyperlink traffic

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Hello Dan,

There would be different opportunities to monetise the storyboards but I personally wouldn't recommend it if they are being used as part of a service or a way to encourage a purchase from you. If you start including affiliate or paid links within your service then it's not going to look as professional as it could be which can result in you losing sales.

Depending on your profit margins you stand to earn more money from pushing your own product and service in most cases rather than trying to earn from the ad services. If you do still want to look into it though I'd recommend having a look at affiliate marketing and in-text ads (although this is something you don't have much control over).


Edit: Sorry Jon, I was a little late there!

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Re: ad revenue via direct hyperlink traffic

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Thanks for the response. So I think I am definitely on the wrong discussion board but I think that the "Affiliate" option is not the optimal choice either. I would appreciate a little more input if possible. First this is a general break down of the (potential) revenue stream.

Primary: Purchase of predefined turnkey interior design package for $100. Transaction is handled via file transfer (PDF,etc.). Package contains Images (storyboard) and shopping list with description, pricing, web address, etc. -This is Current State-

Secondary: Ad revenue generated by primary customer clicks driven by Image hyperlinks & Shopping list links in the primary package. -Future State-

Tertiary: Ad revenue generated by secondary potential customer clicks driven by package Image hyperlinks & Shopping list links. this state is enabled by primary customers sharing package with potential new customers. -Future State-

1) Value of Primary sale is limited to a single transaction with minimal residual income potential.
2) "Affiliate" program enrollment would limit selection and inhibit creativity. The "Affiliate" option could be cumbersome to implement on a large enough scale to maintain flexibility.

1) maximize revenue generating potential of "released" interior design packages.
2) Find advertising partner/method that allows for "Affiliate" style targeted advertising without having to manage 100's of individual "Affiliate" relationships.

I thought that if anybody has develop a appropriate advertising scheme with a large "Affiliate" network that satisfies goal#2 it would be Google. So I started here..........