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I used the adwords preview tool...and adwords told me that my ad is being published but the ranking is not good

enough to appear on page 1...


on the other hand adwords stats is saying me that that keyword and ad got 11 impressions...and the ad was placed on average position 5...that doesent make sense...if it doesent appear on page 1 

the averago position of the ad should be between 11-19





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Re: ad position

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What you're seeing is probably correct. The thing to understand here is that every single time that a search query matches one of your keywords, an auction (second auction link) happens between your ads and competitor ads to determine which ads will show and in which ad position.


If you have broad, modified broad or phrase match keywords, they will potentially match many different search queries. Each of these auctions could have a variety of competitors all with varying ad ranks (Bid x Quality Score). Occasionally in your case, your ad rank was high enough to show on the first page.


The reality of what the messaging you're seeing is that the combination of your bids and quality scores are not enough to consistently have your ads show on the first page.  You'll want to try and improve these factors.


You can also take a look at your impression share reports to see just how often your ads are showing when they potentially could be showing.


Does that help?



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