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someone asked me to do their advert for them and basically want

1) telephone number

2) biz info

3) 2 minute video


question : can i build all info into the video advert (telephone and biz references) OR

must i make the plain video representing the product only - and then add the other info into the overlays


what is the ruling on telephone numbers ?

they do not have a website - so the telephone is the only target

product is jewelrey




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Re: ad manager

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Hi guiitarchildren, either approach would be acceptable and personally I'd probably do one more - have the contact details in the Ad text (this will appear directly beneath the video in YouTube, when screened there).


Oddly, you're the second person today to ask about telephone numbers being permitted in Ads.  There's no restriction on them, in fact they're recommended.  Has there been a publication of some kind saying that their use is restricted in some way?


I have to say that if the product is jewellery I really think a website - or at the very least a product listing - is a must.  If this were my client I couldn't professionally recommend spending money on advertising such a product that didn't have a readable and viewable "store" of some kind.



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Re: ad manager

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yes [ odd i thought phone numbers were banned - dont know how i assumed that ] ... agreed an online catalogue is what im doing for them but i like the idea of exclusive youtube video as its the same as a tv add ... sometimes i think it might be enough and maybe the website will 'fall away' in the future leaving web tv as the medium - and iphone ipad as the main viewer .