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about phone alerts

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  1. I read this article about phone alerts  - but i didn't found this option in adwords itself - why is that?
  2. Also in my company we work with MCC and I want that every account manager will get alerts to his email. (only about the account he mange). So in the "Notification settings" I add on the "Email only access" their email. Now… as ppc in charge I also want to get some of the alerts but not all of them. Let’s say that I want to receive to my email alerts about payments   but not alerts about disapproved ads – how can I do it?




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Re: about phone alerts

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Hi there,


I can't help with Q1 but should be able to help at least with part of Q2.


If you are in your PPC account go to the 'My Account' section and click on 'Notification settings'.


There you will see a list of all the various items that you can get notified about. The left hand column lists the notification topics and the right hand column lists the type of email you wish to receive for each topic. I think by default it will say 'All' for each topic, so if you just click on where it says 'All' you can change it to whatever you want. So you will want 'all' for 'billing alerts' and 'no' for everything else.


Let me know if that helps.

Jack Porter-Smith
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