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Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now

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When I hover over any of my keywords, I get the "Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords" message.  Trouble is, there is only one ad in my account.  Any ideas on where this noob can go from here?

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Re: Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now

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Hi Remi T,

It doesn't really mean another ad is showing. It does mean another keyword in your account or within the same ad group is ranked higher than the one you are looking at.

Do you have the same keyword in more than one match type in your ad group? Similar keywords in broad match? That would cause this message, but it's a false alarm. Look at the data. Are you getting impressions? If so, you don't really have a problem.

While we're talking about match types, are you using broad match terms? Those are usually very inefficient. Consider changing and broad match terms to BMM (broad match modified, place a + at the beginning of each word in your broad match phrase). Do you have any single word broad match keywords? Those are usually way too broad. Consider deleting any you may have.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now

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Hello Remi,

I suggest you to use the ad preview and diagnostic tool.
Read more here-

You are using the speech bubble next to an ad/keyword and how that works is a bit different to the diagnostic tool. The speech bubble will take a random keyword from the ad group and see if that keyword triggers the ad. Now because there are other similar keywords in your ad group, and probably some have better QS than the one chosen at random the following happens in this psuedo test:

The randomly selected keyword is entered as a search query.
Adwords then matches a keyword in your account to the search query.
Another Keyword other than the one that was elected in step one gets triggers (it wins the internal pre auction 'competition')
And thus the selected keyword in step one does not trigger the ad and AdWords tell you this as seen in your message.

This does not necessarily mean that your ad is not running, just the keyword that was selected in step 1 is not triggering that ad, rather another keyword is.


This was suggested by Clynton in another similar question.


I hope it helps.

Re: Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now

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I got the same Issue,


take out that keyword, paste it in "Find Keywords" by taking all the campaigns. you will find that you have been running the same keywords within your account.


Stop the one by taking performance metrics and which is not performing well Smiley Happy


And there you have it Smiley Happy


Thanks! Let me know if any problem you face further!