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Your ads aren't showing

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I have started a [test] campaign yesterday and since then i have got no impression no clicks!!


My total balance is $10 and my daily budget is $8


I used  the Ad preview to see what's going on and it says :


  • Your ads aren't showing because the spending limit defined by your account-level budget has been reached.What can I do?

When i click on the link i get the message on the top :


Your ads might not run because your credit card was declined. Get help

When i click on Get help i get redirected the Adwords main page !!

In the bottom of the page it recommends to increase the daily budget to show my ads but i did and the problem remains the same!

Any help ?

Re: Your ads aren't showing

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Hi Karim,

Your ads are not showing because your credit card has been declined (based on the info mentioned by you). I would suggest talking to the adwords support team here:

They will guide you through the whole process and you will be up and running soon. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps.

Rohit Khanna

Re: Your ads aren't showing

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Hi Karim,


If it is a credit decline problem, as Rohit suggested please contact Support team to resolve the issue.


If not, try to look into this aspects in your account it might help to solve the issue. 


Check your keywords Max. CPC if it is higher than your daily budget your ad might not shows for that keyword.


Check in to your ads delivery options if you select “Standard Ad delivery” this will try to serve your ad throughout the day, as your daily budget is low, change this settings to “Accelerate Ad delivery” it might works.



 Hope this will Help you.