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Would $3.00 be enough to start a day for ads?

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I just started to create silk scarves from my art and I am hoping to draw more to that site. I wonder if 3.00/day is enough to start. I am also not sure how to target certain times of the day or week. I have two sites abstract art and silk scarves.



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Re: Would $3.00 be enough to start a day for ads?

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Hi Darlene,

Minimum bidding and budgets will be relative to your industry, targeting, and so forth.
Think about how much you are willing to spend per click (max bid) and consider how many clicks that would get you a day for your budget.
I'm assuming it's low for a starting budget.

Some tips starting off on a low budget:

Try to be as targeted as you can, be it scheduling (time of day) as you said, location targeting, and starting with your most specific keywords.

You don't want to spread your advertising too thin. You want to have actionable data.

So again, specific! I would start with just a few keywords. Maybe along with "silk scarf" in your keywords you can put certain colors or styles.  And you may want to consider just starting off with exact match.

Establishing your ads AdWords and keyword quality score may take a little bit longer with lower activity, in getting user response (click through rates). So you may have to have some patience with a lower budget.

I hope this helps!

And check here for Ad Scheduling:

Re: Would $3.00 be enough to start a day for ads?

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People talk about optimising campaigns - you do this on the basis of collected data - you see what works and what doesn't and you adjust your setting accordingly....

So here's the thing... let's say that to get some insights you need 1,000 site visits. If you get those visits at the rate of three a day it'll take almost a year to be able to get some insights. If you get 100 a day it'll take you just ten days.

It really does boil down to this - how quickly can you afford to collect the data you need to get your account into a position where it's making money?

too many people assume that you can start running a profitable campaign from the get go - it's often not the case. but think back to the "olden days" pre-AdWords... we used to spend a significant chunk of our marketing budget for any venture in market research. This investment should be seen in the same light. Don't think so much about how much you might get back from your initial investment in terms of profit - but rather think bout how you are going to find out where the sweet spots are for your future investment.