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Why some filters (ads, display network) don't show up?

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Why do certain filters (ads, display network) not show up on Home modules? 

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Re: Why some filters (ads, display network) don't show up?

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Hello Again Firouzeh,

By Home module do you mean the main campaigns tab?

Also, to answer you with clarity, ideally the custom filters that you create and save are associated with the metrics that could be available on some levels (like the ad copy level) of the campaign structure.

For Example, if you create a filter with a metric such as '% Ad served. Now since this is a metric that is available only on the ad copy level, which is why if you go to the campaign level and look for the same filter, you will not get it as an option at all.

So if you wish to create a filter that can be applied across all campaign hierarchy, you need to select the appropriate metric at each level.

Hope this Helps!



Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Why some filters (ads, display network) don't show up?

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Co-worker of Firouzeh here...let me give some further clarification.

The question is regards to certain filters not showing up as choices in the "Customize modules" section on the "Home" tab where you can use filters to customize your dashboard.

What we've found is that new filters we've created within the Campaigns, Ad groups and Keywords tabs show up as a selectable module, but filters we've created within the Ads and Display Network tabs do not. All filters have been created while at the "All online campaigns" level. As an example, one of the Ads filters has two parts, "Campaign matches" and "Approval status matches".

As another test, still at the "All online campaigns" level, I've created an Ads tab filter with "Approval status matches" and "Ad type matches" parts. This filter does not show up in the modules section on the Home tab, even after reloading the page.