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Why my keywords are altered? And how do I find the exact search volume of a given keyword?

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Hello All,


I need your help in understanding the Keyword planner better.


1. How do I find the exact search volume of a keyword? Because when I enter a keyword and hit search, this is what I can see in the tooltip on the 'Avg. monthly searches' column "The average number of searches for this keyword and its close variants based on the targeting settings and date range you've selected" - So, that doesn't sound like the exact search volume of that particular keyword alone. At the same time, when I download the report, the downloaded spreadsheet's search volume column heading reads "Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)". I'm pretty much confused about the terminologies used here. Can you please help me understand them better? 


2. I used to work on the Keyword tool when it was still existed and there were options to search for either exact search volume or broad search volume which I don't seem to find on the Adword planner tool. I even entered the keywords within [] but it's still showing the same numbers as without the brackets.


3. Why Google alters some highly competitive yet generic keywords? For example, I'm entering the keyword 'tutoring' and Google alters it to 'tutor' and shows me the search volume. What if I really wanted to have the search volume for the keyword 'tutoring'?


Thank you so much for your help!



Why my keywords are altered? And how do I find the exact search volume of a given keyword?

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Dear Amjath,


The latest Google Keyword Planner shows Exact keyword match results. The Avg Monthly Searches for Exact match only.


And Regarding Google Altering the keywords ( as you have given example of "Tutoring" to "tutor") It is blessings in disguise. 


Imagine Google is helping you with a keyword which has more searches than the keyword you have selected.


Your selected keyword may not fetch you good results and the people leaving in your target area may be typing "tutor" instead of "tutoring"


Here, I would like to relate you one of my example while doing keyword research. Google suggested me the word "Mum" for UK location and "Mom" for USA location. I was looking for the term "gifts for mom" in UK location and google altered it to "gifts for mum"


Hope you got the clarity.


Kind Regards,

Syed Nouman Bin Nuri