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Why is it so hard just to get actual leads? 4704942666

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I have used google adwords more than once over the past few years and I have even paid someone to do the work for me just to make sure that I wasn't crazy. It seems as though the more money you spend, the more absolutely irrelevance calls or responses you get to the products or services you are trying to sell. I have tried and tried over and over again, however, no matter how hard I try and how patient I am, it seems that Google cannot seem to control the actual programming itself. Why did I get call about the BBB when I specifically said look for people who are searching for "Business Internet" It preposterous! I know that no matter what I say, you will continue to disappoint small business customers all over the world, and leave it up to SEO sharks, PPC junkies, and anything else that ultimately diverts from using your service with quality. Out of two phone calls, neither were relevant. I would definately fix this issue before someone who actually cares to use you makes a big deal about it. Good Luck. Im just absolutely disappointed and the advocate for your service that I used to be, you couldn't pay me to believe in it anymore. Trust me I will tell everyone I know and let them know what a sham this is and I actually spend money.

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Why is it so hard just to get actual leads? 4704942666

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Hi Lawrence R,

Sounds to me you are using broad match keywords. With broad match if the search query matches any single word within your keyword, your ad is eligible for display.

Broad Match

Keyword: Business Internet

Could show your ad for queries that include either business or internet. It can also show for close variants of either term. It's just not specific enough. What kind of business?

Broad Match Modified

Keyword: +business +internet

Will only show if both business and internet are included in the query. This could show your ad for a query of "better business bureau internet", but won't show your ad for "better business bureau."

You could ad "better business bureau" as a negative keyword, that's what's usually recommended.

I would also say that 2 phone calls is not enough to make a judgement on the success or failure of your campaign.

In summary, use BMM, phrase and exact match phrases only, adjust you bids accordingly. Write ad copy that is both related to the keywords in your ad group and what you business does. If not all keywords in your ad group are relevant to the ads in an ad group, create a new ad group with new ads.

You are correct, it is not a simple system. It takes a little time to tune your campaigns for good performance.

Best of Luck!




That should reduce the number of irrelevant clicks.

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Why is it so hard just to get actual leads? 4704942666

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Hi Lawrence, I'm sorry to hear of your frustrating experience using AdWords.  Some good input there from @petebardo; it does sound like you're using broad match if you get BBB calls from the term business internet.  In general, broad match is to be avoided except in very specific situations for special reasons.  I would also add this:


"business internet" is not what would be termed a "deep sales funnel" keyword.  The majority of people searching for that, even if you used narrower targeting (phrase or exact match) are not likely to be good candidates for purchasing business internet services.  Better terms might include "business internet plans", "cost of business internet", and "business internet options".  It could be that the root terms "business internet" are not even the right keywords; it might be "high speed internet" is what's being used; good keyword research would expose all the proper root keywords to use. 


Usually business internet services are sold on a highly geo-targeted basis in the US, with one or two heavily entrenched, dominate firms.  That varies around the world, and there are sometimes resellers involved.  It would be a difficult sector to sell online, and would require a careful thought-out, targeted PPC strategy (and associated landing pages). If you share your landing page url(s) and more about your campaign, you would find plenty of helpful feedback here.


Also, you should know that this is a volunteer, peer-to-peer advertiser support forum.  Although Google sometimes reads it, it is not really the right place to get in touch with Google.  If you want to reach them, we can show you how to do that. 


hth, and best of luck. 



Why is it so hard just to get actual leads? 4704942666

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I used to think this way. I was completely convinced I new what I was doing and it was google that had it all wrong. Then I bought some courses on marketing and adwords.


Go visit Udemy and invest in Issac Rudansky's Ultimate Google Adwords course because you don't understand adwords.