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Why can't i prepay Adwords in the US?

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In the US we have prepaid lawyers, funerals, burial plots and cell phones. Why can't i prepay Google Adwords? I just want to make sure I don't go over my budget.


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Re: Why can't i prepay Adwords in the US?

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Hi there;

Well... Historically, when the pre pay option was available, the majority of users did not use it ,so Google phased it out.

Once you set a daily budget, though there could be some fluctuations to compensate for  days with low spend, the overall monthly budget will not exceed 30.4*daily budget. .So you are in a full control of your monthly budget...

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Re: Why can't i prepay Adwords in the US?

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Hello @Chuck_R,

A good way to control your budget since pre-paid accounts were phased out by google is to use the shared budgets feature in the shared library. Apply the shared budget to all your campaigns using a set budget so that way it isn't possible to exceed the budget, yet simultaneously the multiple campaigns using this shared budget could use it when other campaigns are unable to.

Or, you can set separate daily budgets for the campaigns to add up to the budget you want. Remember, you cannot set a monthly budget, but keep in mind according to google the monthly budget is the daily budget times 30.4 days, which is the maximum Google will ever charge you with your daily budget.

If you want a budget of $1,000 per month divide by 30.4 days to get the average daily budget and voila!

Let me know if this helps!

Re: Why can't i prepay Adwords in the US?

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Thanks. On the Campaign tab I found an Automate dropdown box, and created an automation to pause the campaign when budget exceeds $30. It will check the spending daily.


I will just be running one campaign at a time. Is there another way I can set Adwords not to exceed a total budget? I.e. stop the campaigns when a certain amount of dollars is spent?


Re: Why can't i prepay Adwords in the US?

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Hi @Chuck R,


1) Daily Spend set. 

2) Automated Rules. 

3) AdWords Scripts.


You can use a script to pause active campaigns if a certain budget is reached:


function main() {
  var costReport ="Select Cost from ACCOUNT_PERFORMANCE_REPORT");

  var reportRow = costReport.rows().next();
  var totalCost = reportRow["Cost"].replace(',', ''); // Remove thousand separator
  if (totalCost > XXXX){
    var campaignIterator = AdWordsApp.campaigns().withCondition("Status = ENABLED").get();

    while (campaignIterator.hasNext()){
      var campaign =;

The easiest way is to set a daily spend limit.


Kind Regards,






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