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Why can't I see my ads if I search for one of the keywords I have entered on my account?

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Re: Why can't I see my ads if I search for one of the keywords I have entered on my account?

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Welcome to Adwords Community!


There are several factors that might be stopping your ad display on Google:


  1. If payment is not made, Google automatically will stop ad display - Fix billing issues.
  2. Assuming that you are concerned about ad not being displayed on search network - make sure that you have enabled search network under campaign setting tab.
  3. Check the status of your ad to see if its approved. If it's disapproved, figure out the reason and tweak the ad. Make sure you are not violating Google Ad terms.
  4. The keyword quality score will determine the ad visibility - Choose keywords relevant to your business and make sure that the keyword, text messaging and the landing page are in line plus a healthy CTR is a must for higher Quality Score.
  5. Compare your bid with the estimated first page bid - If needed increase your bids
  6. Make sure that your Ad Rank (Max CPC x Quality Score) is high enough to beat competing ads to gain desired spot on the sponsored result. For every search query made, an auction is triggered amongst all the relevant competing advertisers ads.If you ad showed up for a search query does not necessarily mean that it shows up everytime for the same search term.

Hope I'm able to help you.