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Why are there no ads for any of my keywords

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None of my ads show in Ad preview when I enter any of my 10 keywords related to photo captioning. Messages are typically


No, your ad is not showing for the keyword caption photos ( Campaign #1 > Ad Group #1 )
  • We're only showing your ad occasionally because of your budget.What can I do?

This is understandable in view of my very small budget. However, I am getting impressions and clicks from these keywords.


What I would like to know is why no ads for any products appear when I type in this keyword? These are popular keywords and would certainly be used by other products, which appear in Google search results, but not as ads. However, my ads must be appearing for someone otherwise I would get to impressions and clicks.  Is their non-appearance related to my locations (Canberra, Australia), Google history or other reason?


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Why are there no ads for any of my keywords

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If you have a small budget, the preview tool is unreliable... I know that's frustrating, but that's just the way it is.


However, you need to make sure that your targeting is set correctly - here's why... if you use the default advanced setting this will allow Google to show your ads to people in Canberra - and to people who have expressed an interest in Canberra... which basically means almost anyone anywhere - not completely true, but it might as well be...


But, when you set Canberra as your target in the preview tool it actually looks to see if your ad would appear in Canberra.


So here's what might be happening... if your advanced targeting options allow for people outside your target area to see ads, then your ads may be appearing where the competition is lower and your bid/budget allows for impressions and clicks. But your budget and bid are too low for you to trigger ads in your core target area.


First step would be to look at the geo report under dimensions to see if your visitors are in Canberra or not... if they are not, then you need to look at the advanced targeting options and set to the more restrictive - people in my target area.


And if the impressions then dry up you'll need to increase your bids and your budget.