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Why Quality Score too low when rank 10 top?

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Trying to use AdWords for first time. Created an ad and about 15 low frequency searches. Budget fairly low but bit set to auto.  Getting no impressions because QS is too low.


I understand that Google is trying to prevent spammy irrelevant advertising but first of all, if I had a good rank organically, I wouldn't be using AdWords, and secondly, on many of these queries my page already does low rank in top 10!  For example, I tried one with "Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool".  It says my ads not displaying because of low QS, but I can see my organic search result on the page at number 8.


If I already rank in top 10, why does Google think my ad isn't good enough to run?

Re: Why Quality Score too low when rank 10 top?

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Hi John,

Ranking of a website in organic results is completely different from how ads rank in Paid marketing (Google Adwords here).

If you are ranking on first page in Organic results that doesn't mean that your Adwords ad will automatically or should rank on first page.

As you are saying that the QS of your keywords is low, that's the reason for their non-appearing on first page results (PPC ads). As per Google your ad is not relevant enough with the search queries hence given low QS. In order to overcome this situation and show your ad on first page you have to work on improving your QS of keywords by creating tightly themed ad groups with selected keywords which are relevant and closely related and accordingly create ad copies related to those keywords. Also use the dedicated and most relevant landing page for your ad copy which directly explains about the product you are targeting. By following these things, your keywords QS should improve and so does your ads position.

Another reasons for not showing could be low bid and Low Search Volume of your keywords.

Hope this helps.