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Which is the best type of ad to run run standard or all features?

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This is our first time trying google ads. I am unsure which type of ad to go with? Which one will I get the best roi with, or is there a way to know until you run the ad?

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Re: Which is the best type of ad to run run standard or all features?

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Hello Dan S ! Welcome to the AdWords Community !


"I am unsure which type of ad to go with?"


This information page summarizes the advantages of enhanced campaigns .


Also this pages teaches you nicely about bidding adjustments and conversion tracking for your concern about ROI.


The first thing that I've setup really easy were Ad Extensions so here are the advantages for those ( just quoting from the help page )


Ad extensions

In enhanced campaigns, you’ll be able to have more control and deeper reporting on four types of ad extensions: call extensions, app extensions, sitelink extensions, and offer extensions. These are called upgraded extensions. Other extensions will function as you’re used to. An exception is social annotations, a new version of social extensions which are fully automated in enhanced campaigns.

With upgraded extensions, you can:

  • Create extensions at the ad group and campaign levels: You have more control over which ads your extensions are shown with: all of those in the campaign, or just those in a specific ad group.
  • Schedule extensions: You can schedule start and end dates for your extension to run, or set up running for specific days of week and times of day.
  • Select mobile-preferred sitelink extensions: For example, to highlight your store locator or in-store deals to mobile users, you can create mobile-specific sitelink extensions.
  • Get extensions reviewed individually: Each extension will need to be approved separately. This means that if you create four sitelinks, for example, and three are approved and one is disapproved, then the three approved sitelinks are still eligible to appear with your ads.
  • Keep extension history across changes: You can edit each extension without resetting its performance statistics. By comparison, when you edit an extension in a non-enhanced campaign, we create a new extension and delete the edited one.
  • Monitor each extension’s performance: We'll show you performance data for each extension. For example, you'll be able to see how many clicks or impressions an individual sitelink received. This means you'll be able to better evaluate the performance of each extension.




Re: Which is the best type of ad to run run standard or all features?

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Hi Dan, welcome to the Community.


There are no simple answers to that sort of question, I'm afraid.  Every Account is different and what works for one business won't work for another.  If you can tell us a little bit about what you're using AdWords for, and what you hope to gain, we'll try and give you some pointers.



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