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Which campaign type?

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Hi, I'd like to ensure that my website comes up at the top of the first page when people search for "Oakville Dog Walking" and related searches.  What type of campaign is best for me?  Thanks.

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Re: Which campaign type?

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Hi Alison and welcome,

Personally I'd start off with a search network campaign (all features) to start with.

Think about the different services you offer so you can try and group these into AdGroups and keep the keywords and ads relevant to each other.

Dog walking, home toilet visits, puppy socialising, home caring for dogs etc.


When you are in your account go to tools & analysis > Keyword planner

Then enter your services (change the location to your country) and you'll get a lot of extra keyword ideas to help build the campaign up.

You can use location targeting to make sure your ads only appear where you want but I'd also recommend appending the location to the general keywords as well like you had "Oakville dog walking" so if someone was searching for you services, even though they may be outside your area, they still see your ad.


I hope this help but let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Which campaign type?

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.
I offer various services, but I only really want to target dog-walking at this time. Does this mean just one AdGroup in my campaign?
Also, is there any cost difference between a Standard Search Network campaign, and an All Features Search Network campaign? I'm not sure I need all the extra features in the All Features option...


Re: Which campaign type?

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There is no cost difference and you will want all the features as you will want to geo target and probably set your schedule so that your ads are not running all the time... for example, if people need someone to walk their dog that probably mrans they work all day - unlikely to be looking for a dog walker whilst at the office - so the peak time is likely to be at around 8pm when they have gotten home and had to take a hyped up dog who has been in the house all day out for exercise... as they trudge out to the park thinking "I really need to find someone to walk my dog....."

The All Features doesn't mean there are "more" features it just means you can see (and edit) them all.... you can always switch these on later in any case, but it's best to think about how you're going to spend your budget smart from the outset and back your best bets.

Re: Which campaign type?

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Hi Alison, no problem, happy to help.

There is no difference in price of the campaigns, all feature just has more options but as it has more features is more detailed than standard. Nothing to be worried about though, you don't have to use them all anyway but it's better have them available in case you want to.

If you only want to promote dog walking you might still want a couple of AdGroups as there are different ways people search for that as well. I was the best man for a dog walker so have some knowledge here ;-)

dog walking
dog exercise
dog socialising

These all worked for getting walking jobs for him and the ads were tailored for the keywords so maybe think about how your customers look for you. It can sometime be hard when you're in the industry as you know all the terminology and moving outside that can be hard. Just ask a friend, an aunt, you neighbour how they would search.

Something you can ask people without guiding the answer is " Let's say you are at work and you have a pet at home, they need out for an hour a day but you can't get back everyday. What do you search for?"

I know that question isn't going to get walking people straight away, but guess what... The people who work away from home and just want the dogs let out for a wee at lunch time are the best paying "dog walking" customers you can get.