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Where is the "Main List" in audiences?

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Hi all,


I want to tag some urls for remarketing purposes and it says here ( that I just have to implement the tag that has been created under "Main Lists" across the site. 


Where do I find this list/ tag?


I only have one audience which is a tag based audience created a while back:

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Re: Where is the "Main List" in audiences?

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Google Employee

Hi Hottahotta, 


Thank you so much for reaching out! As you probably already know, remarketing can be used to reach people who have previously visited your site via relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Network.  


If a 'Main List' audience had been created for your account, we would see it listed under the audiences shared library.  Based on the screenshot you included, it doesn't look like you've created the 'Main List' audience. To create the 'Main List' audience, you will want to complete the following steps from the Shared Library > Audiences menu. 


  1. Click on the New Audience drop-down and select Remarketing List
  2. Select Define a list of site visitors by placing a new tag on your site
  3. Next, click on the +New tag button

Here you'll be prompted to insert a membership duration for the remarketing list and select a description name. We'll want to name the list 'Main List.' After saving the audience, you will want to add the remarketing tag generated to your entire site. Again, the 'Main List' can be used across any website in your account you'd like to do remarketing for. By creating this main list, you're then able to create other audience lists in a new way based on URLs that contain specific words without adding an additional tag to your site pages; these are rule-based remarketing lists. Only the 'Main List' will have an actual tag associated with it. 


Suppose you wanted to remarket to people who visited the contact page on your website, you would create a remarketing list based on URL that contains the word "contact" now that the 'Main List' remarketing tag is on all pages of your website. 


Previously, if you wanted to remarket to a people who visited a particular page in your website, you would have had to generate a new tag and put it on that page, but now with the new remarking tag, you are able to create a remarking list based on URLs that contain specific words which makes the entire process a whole lot easier!


Here's a great resource from our AdWords Help Center outlining the remarketing list creation process. Feel free to respond to post if you have any further questions. 


Good luck, Hottahotta! 


All the best, 

Juliana S.