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When to remove low performing keywords?

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Hello, Guys! 


I haven't launched my campaign yet, but I expect that I will have some low performing keywords in my campaign.


My question is - when should I decide to stop using the particular keyword?


What I have been reading on the internet from different sources is that to determine whether a keyword is good or not - I have to generate at least 100 clicks for that one keyword.


Is this an only strategy to apply or there are some more variables to consider when deciding about removing keywords? 


Kind Regards,



When to remove low performing keywords?

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Hello, Janis K

I think you will find everyone's strategy to be slightly different. Personally, I believe it is about Conversions (or what is important to your business) and Budget. For example, if I have 10 keywords and 3 of them are bringing in Good conversions and the rest are not, I would probably remove the 7 that are not converting and just focus the budget on the three that are converting. As for the question of when it has been my practice to try to gather at least 1 month of data before removing a keyword. 


Again that is just my thoughts. Good luck.



When to remove low performing keywords?

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Hey, Terry!


Thanks for sharing your approach. 


But during that month you would expect e certain amount of clicks for that keyword before deciding. Otherwise, you are not giving a keyword a chance to prove itself ( for example if it only gets like 10 clicks )


I guess it then depends on the budget again, because if you have big budget and you getting lot's of clicks then of course month is enough.


Thanks again! Smiley Wink 


Can anyone else share their approach on deciding when to remove non-performing keywords?