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What would be considered an average CTR?

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what would be considered an average CTR?


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Re: What would be considered an average CTR?

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Hi Rod

Each industry is different.

I would focus on your conversion rate.

Below is a link to another users question, with excellent answers. take a look,


Hope this helps



Re: What would be considered an average CTR?

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Hi Rod P,

There is no such thing.

It depends on what your actual question is. An average CTR for your account, campaign, ad group, are simply calculated averages, clicks/impressions.

If you mean across accounts, that varies considerably for each market, product, service, and niche. It further varies for each keyword used.

At the keyword level, you can use QS as a gauge of the average as it is based mostly on the CTR of that keyword as compared to the CTR of that keyword across all accounts. If your QS is 5 or higher, you are doing as well or better than others using the same keyword. If QS is below 5, you are doing worse.

Best of Luck!

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