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What was actually searched for?

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Suppose I have a keyword, "Pickles"


Is there a way to find out what people were actually using when shown my ad or used my keyword? E.g.


Dill Pickles

Bread & Butter pickles

garlic dill pickles

Comedian Don Pickles

Dill pickle jet fuel

Do pickles cause farts like cucumbers do

Recipes to make pickles

Recipes that use pickles and lamb



I know that in keywords, I can get a keyword report on how many impressions that got.  What I want to know is what else were they using for search terms when they used it?

Re: What was actually searched for?

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Yes, its possible. Just go to keywords tab and select all the keywords and click on the "details" button. Now choose "search terms". This will show the search terms people used.

Please note that search terms may take 24 to 48 hours to get updated so please choose earlier dates.


Re: What was actually searched for?

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Unfortunately it doesn't split them out by my keywords, so I have to look one keyword at a time.

But I'm getting some odd matches:

E.g. Keyword Edmonton Nursery
matched trees edmonton edmonton area

keyword nursery trees matched
trees for sale alberta

keyword landscaping trees matched
tree planting distance

Is this due to 'broad match'? If it is, I need to do some serious work on my keywords.
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Re: What was actually searched for?

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Yes, it may be due to broad match keywords. Yes, you can see the keywords as a whole. For this you have to select the columns and add keyword as a attribute after seeing search terms.

Re: What was actually searched for?

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Found that?