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What to set initial bid for keywords? why?

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I want to create a new campaign for my products.

I have a keywords list.


My question is to , what is the initial bidding for my keywords to live my  ad words campaign?


Please suggest as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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Re: What to set initial bid for keywords? why?

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Hi Manoj,


First of all, bear in mind that what you set your CPC to will, in time, be driven by the performance of those Keywords.  You'll want those that perform well to have a high position and those with lower performance with lower bids and lower positions (or paused entirely).  So your initial bid really is that, just a starting point and it could change very rapidly.  For example, if I set a Keyword at a CPC of £1, and in the first hour I see its average position was #5.6 (or something similarly low), I'd immediately increase the bid.  Equally, if the position was 1.0, I might decrease it.


Secondly, consider the relationship between CPC and budget.  When CPCs become a reasonable fraction of the daily budget, AdWords will struggle to deliver your Ads with any real frequency and if your budget is limited and CPCs relatively high, you might want to consider aiming for a lower position to allow for more clicks.  For example, if your budget is $10 a day, don't set a CPC above $1 initially.  If you see that this brings the Ads at a very low position, you'll have to consider your budget or attempt to increase Quality Score.


Finally, bear in mind that each Keyword has a stake in your daily budget.  Trying to run an AdWords Campaign with 200 Keywords on a budget of $10 is rather pointless.  As a very rough guide, I try to organise new Campaigns such that each Keyword has the potential to accrue 10 clicks a day.  If that means I can only have 5 Keywords, so be it.



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