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What is exactly Bid Only and Target?

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Hello Community


I would like someone to please explain Bid Only and Target & Bid in Google Display Network campaign.


If I make keyword based campaign on GDN: adding few good keywords plus few text and image ads.


If I Click +Change Display Targeting and what I find is Display Keywords has no option to choose for Bid Only and Target & Bid.


Also the Ven diagram is not showing potential reach.


What exactly is Bid Only and Target and Bid

Why there is no option in Keywords

Why there VEN diagram is not showing potential reach.



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Re: What is exactly Bid Only and Target?

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Hi Rohan,


Welcome to the AdWords CommunitySmiley Happy


If you are using both the keyword and placement targeting in your GDN campaigns then AdWords allows you to choose one of the bidding method based on your business objective.


Now suppose your campaigns have a keyword "mba admission" in your Ad Group and you have also added one placement "". here you can find two cases:-


1.) Show  your ads only "", when your keyword "mba admission" matches in the particular pages of the site ""



Target and bid: Show ads only on placements you've selected.

when you see the venn diagram, it will help to understand the concept.


target and Bid only.PNG


2.) If you want to show on sites based on your keyword e.g "mba admission", but you think that your potential customers visit specific website "", thus you could add "" as placement in your ad group and select "Bid only." Then, you could set a bid on those placements to increase your chances of showing there when your keyword matches that placement.


Bid only: Show ads on any placement when it matches other targeting methods in your ad group, like display keywords and topics.


Here is the look the venn diagram


Bid only.PNG




--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: What is exactly Bid Only and Target?

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Thanks for the clarification. Really Appreciated!

Re: What is exactly Bid Only and Target?

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Thank you for your explainations. This is what I am looking for to use in our display network campaign. However, I would like how to set up this option in API when we create a campaign?
Thank you for your reply.


Re: What is exactly Bid Only and Target?

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Hi Kim,

Did you find solution How to set BID ONLY from adword api ?

If yes can you share sample code please.

Thank you !

Ashish Pathak