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What is a Destination URL? Is it just the same as my Display URL?

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I'm new to this... It's asking for a Destination URL and provides over 100 characters to use. Wouldn't be the same as my Display URL? If not, what else needs to be here for best exposure to traffic?

Re: What is a Destination URL? Is it just the same as my Display URL?

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Hey Greg S 


Your Destination URL and your Display URL is to very different things that work together. Your Destination/Final URL is the page on your website that when your ad is clicked the user will be brought too. Your Display URL must contain the same information as the Destination URL between the www. and the .com any thing that appears after the / can be changed.


for example 


Destination URL:

Display URL: - (will show on your ad, when searched)


For a better definition check this out - Display URL and Destination URL


Hope that helped.

Re: What is a Destination URL? Is it just the same as my Display URL?

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Hi Greg,


You have come to the right place to ask about this type of thing... but if you are completely new to this I'd strongly advise you to either get Google to walk you through it (you can call them), or engage with a professional to do it for you.


For the reason being - you can spend a lot of money on AdWords by mistake or inefficiently if you are inexperienced with it before you know it, and that's not good for anyone.


But to answer your direct question - in short, a destination URL (now Final URL) is the actual page where you want visitors to land. Let's say it's


However, in the Display URL (which shows in Search results under your ad), you can shorten it for Vanity purposes, to something within 35 characters such as: You see, the Display URL is not a real URL... you can put pretty much anything you like after the forward slash in it.


Hope this helps.

Jack Porter-Smith
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