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What does the Google Analytics column "% of new visits" mean?

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Is it new visits within that timeframe I am looking at (the drop down at the upper right corner), or is it lifetime new visits, where a visitor has been to that site the first time in their lives?


Also, are there any need-to-know Google Analytics functions for PPC?

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Re: What does the Google Analytics column "% of new visits"

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Hi JonathanY,


It's a good question.


I somewhere read that a visitor can be the first visitor only once in their lifetime. It makes sense in practical life scenario, but what about a system like GA?


To me, the term 'lifetime' has separate meanings. In the context of lifetime, it must not be more than 2 years because that's the longest period GA can keep one's cookies (correct me if I wrong). To be more precise, 'lifetime' would mean 2 years or the duration till one clears his cookies from the system.


So, if visited a website yesterday for the first time, I was a new visitor for the website. But if I cleared the cookies this morning and visited again, technically I should be the new visitor again.


To your question, the data that GA reflects is for the time range you select.


Additionally, I could find a similar thread on Google Analytics Forum, give it a read and if required, start a new thread their with your question, you would be more likely to get answers by GA experts there. I will also ping some experts here - @Bronwyn V  @MosheTLV  @Jon_Gritton  


To your last question, here are some the resources you should read for understanding the use of AdWords and GA together -



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Re: What does the Google Analytics column "% of new visits"

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Hi Jonathan,

Yes it is the new visits within the time frame that you are looking at.

And it one of the best practices to combine Adwords with Google Analytics for better insights.