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What do you recommend to bring awareness to a small Real Estate Agency

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# 1
Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi, My name is David Griffiths and I am looking to promote my new Real Estate business Blitz Realty (R) at Woody Point Qld.Any advice & suggestions would be wecomed.


Re: What do you recommend to bring awareness to a small Real Estate Ag

Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
# 2
Zee Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David, 




We had some great suggestions that were shared by Community experts with advertisers who wanted to improve thier AdWords performance:


Bill's business

Camilo's business 

Feel free to check them out. If you wish to get more tips, I'd suggest you share a bit more about your business and, if possible, a link to your site. 






Re: What do you recommend to bring awareness to a small Real Estate Ag

Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆
# 3
Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆

You can Promote your business and brand awareness through Google Adwords easily using both Search and Display network as in real estate business,poeple normally search and look a lot around internet as they keep jumping from  sites to sites for good options and variety,so you can use dynamic remarketing very well in this business,moreover make sure to structure your website and Adwords account very well which may generate better ROI with brand awareness.
The most importantly make your logo prominent on your website as if I think like a customer then I would keep looking for great options on internet jumping site to site which may help the customer to forget the already surfed site so if he likes something on your website after comparing every site then he would like to come back(An Advantage-bounce rate will be better),so he should remember your name,so make your logo prominent.
Give better option o contact you on Landing page as in real estate person would not buy anything on website and don't put any form(sign up  or any other) without SSL certificate to collect his info to contact him(against policy).
The main idea and concept of internet marketing of your business is Brand Awareness.
Thank you

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