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What counts as an impression on CPM?

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I am a website owner. Say, hypothetically, that someone is viewing content on my site with an advertisement. That someone then closes my website, realizes they want to go back to it, open a new tab, and go back to my website to see the same ad. This happens in about a minute.

1. Does this scenario count as 2 impressions (even though it was the same person and they saw the same ad shortly after seeing it before)?
2. Is there a way that I may find out what counts as an impression and what is required from me, as the website owner, to have those impressions count?

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January 2017

What counts as an impression on CPM?

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Hi @Tj H,


In your scenario, it should count as one impression.


However, we have to keep in mind that viewable impressions means that at least 1 second on the screen with at least 50% of the banner area. You would want to read up on active views and understanding viewability and active view reporting metrics.


Also, you should learn more about reach and frequency, and consider using a frequency capping set to 6


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What counts as an impression on CPM?

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Thank you so much James. This really clears a grand amount of things up for me. I'll make sure to take all this new knowledge in mind when advertising on my website.