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What are your opinions on this Automated Opportunity for Display kw

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Today I have in a client account this automated opportunity for 2 new display keywords , for an ad group using as targeting only display keywords.

The 1 word suggested display keywords are translated as "price" and "motorised mower" (an agricultural tool).


I am not looking for an answer ,not even for a similar experience from others who encountered and applied such an opportunity. I am looking now just for general suggestions or opinions so everything goes. Thank you.


The weird thing is that after I applied the automated suggestion, the status of the 2 suggested display keywords show that they are not serving ads ( see next 2 screenshots below). This is even if "price" is a very wide display keyword and should serve ads.


So to me it seems that the promised traffic from the automated opportunity will never arrive, there must be something off with the calculations Google does in these estimates.

Maybe they cannot factor in all the targeting from the ad group from the start ?


Although I am only using as targeting keywords and the ads are served to the entire country, and "price" is a very wide keywords.

Other keywords in the same ad group get over 100 clicks per day.








Anyway, thank you Google for improving and making such suggestions, at some point they may be useful.

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Re: What are your opinions on this Automated Opportunity for Display k

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Hey Adrian,

It's been a few days now, out of curiosity, have you noticed any changes with these keywords at all?

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: What are your opinions on this Automated Opportunity for Display k

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Hi Tommy,


Good question , I like writing about actual data from experiments.

The 2 display keywords started serving after around 2 days and I like the results, they offer wide Ad exposure, the automated placements are useful to the client (price comparison websites for tools) and the no. of pages per session for this campaign is around 5. So it is very good display traffic , almost as good as search.



The display keyword price serves a great amount of impressions which is to be expected as it is very broad.

I have set a low bid on the keyword keyword price so I received in 5 days only 27 clicks from 251.000 impressions at an avg. cpc. equivalent of 2 cents and a huge cost of ... 0.5 USD Smiley Happy Too bad my client doesn't have a bigger budget.