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What are the determining factors for when my ads will be displayed?

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I am completely new to Adwords. We are wanting to set up a remarketing campaign. This campaign will only target people who have simply visited our website. It will not involve keywords. I'm curious as to what determines if our ad will get displayed or not.


Lets say that a user visits and also visits Both sites are set up to serve up a remarketing cookie. Now lets say that the user goes to a website that is displaying Google ads and only has 1 display area. Why would's ad be shown instead of's ad? Is it solely based on max CPC bid? Is it a combo of max CPC bid and the amount of budget remaining? Is it something else?

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Re: What are the determining factors for when my ads will be displayed

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Hi Dustin,

Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site. while you setup a display remarketing campaign you target the visitor who visited your website.
With context to the above mentioned example, if a website displaying Google ads and have only one ad unit available then whom ad will be shown there? well it depends on the number of advertisers competing for that position. not necessary that's ad or's ad will be displayed but there is a possibility a third advertiser's ad who targeted their Display campaign by other targeting option (I.e. Placement, Contextual, Topic, Interest etc ) will be shown there.

So if you want to run a remarketing campaign do not worry about a single website. you are targeting the user who visited your website, google will display your ad to the same users.

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Re: What are the determining factors for when my ads will be displayed

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It is solely based on max CPC bid based on your example. A user comes to a website, your marketing cookie comes into play. Based on your BID for that user, will determine if your ad is shown to one of the available slots.

For many of my clients, I bid high and aggressively for that remarketing customer, I also use Frequency Capping ( in set up to determine how many times I will show my ad to one person per day/ week )

i may BID $5.00 for that space, but only pay 1 penny higher then what then next person bidding for that space pays. I see clicks for less then $1 on average.

Now my remarketing campaign Lists are set up with many If / Then criteria. I target all visitors for a less costly bid. but traget BUYERS at a higher price Bid. I target people that dropped out of the funnel, IE landed on page X but didn't land on Thank Your ( or confirmation of sale Page).

It all comes down to ROI and how you manage and value those visitors and what you consider your cost of acquisition for a customer or repeat buyer and the Life Time Value of that customer.