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What am I doing wrong?

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I set two ads with AdWords Express, one has 3387 views/6 clicks for $4.96 and other 183 views/1 click for $3.52.

I understand it is related to search keywords, but even I paused the second one, after pausing, it added an other click which does not show any search phase for it and totaled to $4.28.

I have a product that is patented and leader in it's category very limited competition.

I am running these as an experiment to reach broader potential customer and because Google gives $100 credit when I spend $50.

I am not really happy to see $3.52 click with not too close keyword click that is why I paused that ad. If I pay $35 for 1- clicks and if one turns as a sale, not all my profit goes, I have to pay $10 off my pocket to Google, it is not a good business for me but Google makes killing.

Meanwhile, I also run an other campaign at AdWords with just search keyword related ads. Google partner sites which is not clearly identified is not a good place for a sale I believe.

Since set the AdWords on Saturday, it looks like it still needs approval.

In another (about AdWords) note when I look at Quality Scores I am amazed plural version vs singular version of a keyword(search phase)makes 7/10 to 4/10 difference.. 

Unless someone convinces me otherwise I will stick with AdWords,




Re: What am I doing wrong?

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Hello Sam,


Your CTR or clickthrough rates are really low for search campaigns - 0,18-0,55.

Therefore I assume your Ads are not that relevant to the search queries, that trigger them.
If you believe keywords are relevant then you should try a different message in your ads. Or maybe you have to right text, but you are just targeting the wrong keywords.

When your CTR will raise, then your quality score you should go up as well and then the CPC should be in decline.


Yes singular vs plural might bring you a different results. Usually when people search with singular words, they want to learn something about it - example: perfume


Plural usually means they are more likely looking to buy that product - exampleperfumes




Re: What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Sam,

Are you running both AdWords and AdWords Express for the same business? If you are trying to decide between platforms - I would choose AdWords. AdWords Express is designed for people that don't have time or don't know how to manage their AdWords campaigns. With AdWords, you have more control. They aren't meant to used at the same time.

Like Alex Ander said, it's likely that your AdWords Express keywords aren't as relevant as they should be, which could be because there are few competitors in your space and there just may not be enough data on your product for Google to select the best keywords. With AdWords you can select your keywords and have more control over optimizations.

To improve your CPC, I would suggest adding a lot of negative keywords and working on your ad copy to improve CTR. I would also suggest working on your landing pages and ads to improve user experience and relevance. Ultimately, this will help you to improve your Quality score, which is going to help you to improve your CPC.

Hope this helps!